ATE Matrix Elbow/Ankle Sleeve Pro

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Introducing our Matrix range of fitness products. We have combined our years of experience in the fitness industry to design and develop our Matrix range of fitness products. The ATE Matrix Elbow/Ankle Sleeve Pro delivers moderate support to the elbow/ankle relieving pain associated with sprains and strains, Golfer’s/Tennis elbow, swelling or tendonitis. Designed with elastic knit material, this lightweight sleeve provides compression and breathability to the elbow/ankle.Helping to relieve sore muscles, the Matrix Elbow/Ankle is constructed of 4-way stretch fabric that delivers compression and a lightweight fit. 

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  • Elastic knit construction for a lightweight, breathable and comfortable support
  • Elastic strap provides targeted compression
  • Anatomical design for ultimate fit
  • Expansion panels allow for freedom of movement
  • Easy-to-apply, slip-on design
  • Fits the left or right elbow/ankle

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  1. Vicky

    Great support, and stability


  2. Pitambar

    I have medial epicondylitis in my elbows so I ordered this sleeve, hoping to help relieve the pain during basketball and weight lifting. I measured the middle of my bicep (at resting position) at about 12 inches (30.5 cm), so I ordered a medium. I’m sure it will vary for everyone but for me, the medium was a little too tight. I’ve played basketball with it on one time and it was honestly very difficult to slide it up onto my arm. Rather than a compression type of fit, it felt more like it was squeezing my arm so it was slightly uncomfortable. Had I know that it was going to fit like this, I would have gotten a large. I was reluctant to go a size up since the website said it runs a little big. Again, we are all built differently, so go with your best judgement (flip a coin?) on sizing based on your mid bicep measurement. It might help, in the future, if they offered up a sizing measurement for the forearm as well (this is where I had trouble sliding the sleeve up my arm. Hopefully, I can pick up a larger size in the future but I’ll just have to deal with the extra tight fit for now


  3. Anshul Dhingra

    For the most part, this is a good sleeve. I bought this sleeve to help my golfers elbow. The sleeve keeps the forearm close to the elbow nice and compressed. But it is not too compressing past the elbow towards the bicep. Most of my pain is right at the inner elbow joint at the bone. So I place a strap just above elbow and it helps slot. I do like the sleeve, comfortable and it does help my overall elbow pain.

    Anshul Dhingra

  4. Priyanka

    I love this. I have a partial tear to my bicep tendon and ordered this as support to go along with PT in an effort not to finish tearing the tendon. This offers great support, a good quality brace. I am very happy with it.


  5. Roshani Duggal

    I am a diagnosed Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type 3 patient, I’ve been suffering with this condition my entire life and it has resulted in the loss of left elbow functionality, I get partial dislocations constantly throughout the day resulting in sharp, near unbearable pain. After researching for an armband to help support my condition I found this sleeve, and I’ve been wearing it every day of my life since I purchased it. I highly recommend this product, while it’s not a cure for my condition it certainly helps deal with it throughout the daily grind.

    Pros: Snug fit, very comfortable, washes easily, I’ve thrown it in with my laundry and it works fine, doesn’t require any special treatment, good low key design, I bought the black version and it doesn’t stand out too much. It doesn’t require any adjustments throughout the day, once I put it on I never encounter points where I’ve had to make adjustments to the placement of the band.

    Roshani Duggal