Javelin Aero Superb (Distance Rated)

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The ATE Javelin Aero Superb (Distance Rated) is very well suited for Professional and Expert level throwers. Made of hardened best quality dura aluminium. Designed and crafted for maximum throw distance. Javelin head made of high quality steel for extra durability.

The ATE Aero Superb Javelin is World Athletics Certified and thus can be used in all national and international level competitions. We recommend all athletes to use the same equipment in training as they would use in competitions. This is because it is important for any athlete to familiarze themselves with a particular equipment that the would use in a competition for maximum performance and experience using the equipment.

World Athletics Certified

World Athletics Certified.


What factors determine the distance the javelin would travel?

The skill of the athletes is the most deciding factor when it comes to throwing distance. Lets focus on how different factors determine how the athlete perform.

Different levels of skill –

Javelin are made for different levels of skills for different athletes. If a beginner starts throwing with a javelin that was meant for an expert thrower, the javelin will not perform what it was intended to perform.

Here’s how we rate levels of skill:

  1. Beginner
  2. Intermediary
  3. Semi-professional
  4. Professional
  5. Expert

There are three different factors that determines which javelin is most suitable for which skill level of the players –

a) Stiffness 

If the javelin is stiff, i.e. it has less elasticity, it will flex/vibrate less in the air and will result in less air drag thus increasing the distance travelled when throwing. The down side is that it puts a lot more strain on the upper body and thus must be used for skill lever on or above Semi-Professional.

A soft javelin flexes/vibrates a lot, and thus encounters more air drag when throwing. It however puts lower strain on the upper body and thus can be used by Beginners and Intermediary players to practice technique and arm strength when just starting out into the sport.

b) Aerodynamics

Flight dynamics is a very important factory when manufacturing javelin. This is what differentiates a beginner javelin from an expert level javelin. The choice of material and the fine geometry affect the price and the distance of throw in different javelins. Each javelin is fine-tuned to have a specific ratio between stiffness and balance.

c) Balance

Balance together with Aerodynamics will decide when in flight at a given velocity the javelin will turn its tip down towards the ground. If your javelin has a tendency to flat land you should try javelin with lower level in Aerodynamics and Balance. Our top performing javelins have mass centre almost on the allowed limit by World Athletics.

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