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Introducing our Matrix range of fitness products. We have combined our years of experience in the fitness industry to design and develop our Matrix range of fitness products.

🔴 Fine grade open – patella knee support: The open patella knee brace is made of fine material that helps with patella tracking and provides added support, while the durable, warms muscles and joints, supports injured ligaments and tendons, and relieves pain associated with arthritis, aching joints, muscles, meniscus tears, acl, mcl, strains and sprains.

🔴 One size and fully adjustable compression for best fit: Unisex, universal size (one size fits most), fits the left or right knee, and is ideal for both men and women. Velcro straps allow you to wrap the brace as tightly as you need it, ensuring that it fits all sizes of knees and allowing you to readjust when swelling goes down.

🔴 The ATE Matrix Knee Brace is ideal for those who are suffering from mild ligament (ACL, PCL, MCL) injuries, knee sprains, or meniscus injuries. The durable bilateral hinges help stabilize the knee, while the thigh & calf straps provide compression.

🔴 The breathable  fabric provides comfortable compression and keeps you cool and comfortable. The Matrix Knee brace is equipped with silicone lining to prevent slippage due to sweat.

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  • Compressive knee support to help stabilize the knee and help reduce swelling.
  • Polycentric hinges to help stabilize the knee and mimic the natural motion of the knee joint.
  • Neoprene fabric for improved airflow between the brace and skin.
  • Designed to support and protect knee sprains, mild ACL, PCL or MCL injuries, and meniscus injuries.
  • Best for daily activities and non-contact sports

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  1. Shreya

    I have had this brace for a few years. Today-my dog ate it. I am trying to replace it but I can not find a serial number, tag or any information on the brace. I think it is this one but I can’t tell because I can not see the side

    Pros: Works great


  2. Niharika

    My orthopedic dr gave me this brace for my knee. I have been having knee issues for years the brace really helps.

    Pros: Easy to put on and take off


  3. Rohan

    I got this brace from my orthopedic surgeon in 2018 I’m just now replacing it in 2020 because the Velcro is finally been used to its extent. The brace is great it’s supplies the support for my knee to where I can work without the pain. After nine years of service it is definitely worth the money.

    Pros: Comfortable and great support it’s not hot to wear.


  4. Vishal Gupta

    My orthopedic doctor gave me this brace today and now I can get around much better. I have an old meniscus tear and recently re-injured it. This brace was a Godsend today. It gives very good support and feels soft on the skin. I dig it a lot. Happy to have gotten it.

    Pros: Supportive, soft, easy to put on, moves with you.

    Vishal Gupta

  5. Shreyas

    Good fit and finish. Need more colours available.