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Olympic Barbell Weightlifting Eagle Bar 20kg (Black Oxide/Chrome)

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Looking for a great budget barbell for personal/gym use? Check out the ATE Eagle Bar which comes with lifetime warranty against bending, 4 HK Needle Bearings and the ATE quality!

The ATE Eagle Barbell has a Black Oxide finish on the shaft and Hard Chrome Finish on the sleeves. Black Oxide coating is durable, rust resistant and gives a bare metal feel to the knurl. Although, 

It comprises of the ATE unique ball bearing system with 4 HK Ball Bearings for smooth rotation while lifting. This bar is our incredible deal for CrossFit boxes, Conventional gyms and Olympic weightlifting gyms.

  • Black Oxide Finish
  • Strength rating at 190,000 PSI
  • Weight – 20 kg
  • Grip – 28 mm
  • Sleeve diameter – 50mm
  • Length – 2.20 meters
  • 1.2mm Diamond Knurl
  • Dual International Weightlifting + Powerlifting Knurl Marks
  • 4 HK Needle Bearings
  • Moderate Whip

*Tested using ATE Competition Coloured Plates with the ATE Weightlifting Training Platform as the testing surface. Warranty only applicable if used with authentic ATE products.



12,950.00 20,000.00

  • Increased Strength & Finishing:

The ATE Eagle Barbell 20KG has a Black Oxide shaft and Hard Chrome sleeves. The ATE Eagle Barbell is 20KG, 2200mm long, with a 28mm shaft diameter, moderate whip, and snap ring construction. It has a 190K PSI Tensile Strength rating and a Max Load of 1500 LBS!


  • Standard Olympic Knurling :

The 1.2 mm diamond knurl is a standard knurl and allows for a comfortable grip. The knurling is not so harsh so as to hurt your hands. The bar has Dual International Weightlifting + Powerlifting knurl mark, without center knurl to help you perform a stable heavy back squat and smooth weightlifting clean and jerk motions.

ATE Olympic Weightlifting Barbell Eagle Bar


  • Superior quality Bearings:

The ATE Eagle Barbell 20KG has an amazing spin with 4 HK needle bearings (2 per sleeve) and 2 bronze bushings, making it suitable for Olympic exercises like snatch, clean, and jerk motions, deadlifts, squats, and bench press. Bearings are made with high-quality needle rollers that rotate inside the sleeve for a smooth spin.


ATE Olympic Weightlifting Barbell Eagle Bar


  • Warranty Information:

The ATE Eagle Barbell 20KG comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and a lifetime warranty against bending.

                                    Bar Type                                                Olympic Bar
                                  Bar Weight                                                      20 Kg
                               Shaft Diameter                                                      28mm
                                   Knurl Type     1.2mm Standard International Weightlifting + Powerlifting mark
                                  Center Knurl                                                         Yes
                                        Whip                                                    Moderate
                                   Bar Length                                                     2200mm
                         Loadable Sleeve Length                                                      415mm
                                 Shaft Coating                                                 Black Oxide
                                Sleeve Coating                                                 Hard Chrome
                              Bearing/Bushing                      4 HK Needle Bearings + 2 Bronze Bushings
                               Tensile Strength                                                 190,000 PSI
                                   Max Load                                           1500 Lbs. / 680 kgs
  • Strength rating at 200,000 PSI
  • Weight – 20 kg
  • Grip – 28 mm
  • Sleeve diameter – 50mm
  • Length – 2.20 meters
  • 1.2mm Diamond Knurl
  • Single IWF Knurl Mark
  • 10 HK Needle Bearings
  • Good Whip


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