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Powerlifting Barbell 20kg : Stainless Steel (IPF Specifications)

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One of the problem most lifters face is the rusting of the barbell with hard chrome finishes. Hard chrome requires higher maintenance to prevent rusting which sometimes is not properly done. Thus, to eliminate the need of constant maintenance we proudly bring you the ATE Powerlifting Barbell 20kg : Stainless Steel!

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It differs from the standard ATE Powerlifting Barbell 20kg in these key aspects –

  • The shaft made from stainless steel virtually requires no maintenance.
  • Due to the lack of any coating on the shaft, the knurl feels great in your hands.
  • Stainless Steel has high stiffness with 205k PSI tensile Strength.

The 1.5mm Aggressive Volcano Knurl with the International Powerlifting knurl mark makes the ATE Powerlifting Barbell 20kg : Stainless Steel suitable for all national competitions and training. It comprises of the ATE signature bushing system.

  • Weight – 20 kg
  • Grip – 29 mm
  • Sleeve diameter – 50mm
  • Length – 2.20 meters
  • 1.5mm Aggressive Volcano Knurl
  • Single International Powerlifting Knurl Mark
  • 6 Bronze Bushings
  • Low Whip

*Tested using ATE Competition Coloured Plates with the ATE Weightlifting Training Platform as the testing surface. Warranty only applicable if used with authentic ATE products.

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22,000.00 30,000.00

  • Increased Strength & Superior Finish: The Stainless Steel shaft of the bar gives it high strength and added stiffness while lifting. The bar has a high tensile strength of 205k PSI making it one of the strongest bars in the market. The bare stainless steel shaft makes the knurl feel super sharp on your palm, which cannot be found with an other coating on the shaft! The bar is 20kg, 2200mm long, with 29mm shaft diameter, low whip, and snap ring construction. It has a 205K PSI Tensile Strength rating and a Max Load of 2000LBS/900kgs!


  • Standard Olympic Knurling : The 1.5 mm Aggressive Volcano Knurl digs into your palm but does not cut. The high degree of aggressiveness is achieved by making the knurl in the volcano specification, which has higher contact points per square inch of the knurl. The bar has single International Powerlifting knurl mark with center knurl.



  • Superior quality Bushings: The ATE Powerlifting Stainless Steel Barbell 20kg has got 6 Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushings (3 per sleeve), good sleeve spin and is ideal for workouts that include powerlifting lifts such as s deadlifts, squats, and bench press. Bearings are made from high quality bronze.

Needle Bearings

  • Warranty Information: The ATE Powerlifting Stainless Steel Barbell 20kg comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and a lifetime warranty against bending.


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  • Bar Specifications



Bar Type Olympic Bar IPF Specifications
Bar Weight 20 Kg
Shaft Diameter  29mm
 Knurl Type 1.5mm Aggressive Volcano IPF Knurl
 Center Knurl Yes
 Whip  Low
 Bar Length  2200mm
Loadable Sleeve Length  415mm
 Shaft Coating  No Coating (Stainless Steel Shaft)
 Sleeve Coating Hard Chrome
 Bearing/Bushing  6 Self-lubricating Bronze Bushings
Tensile Strength  205,000 PSI
 Max Load  2000 Lbs. / 900 kgs


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  1. Aditya Mehta

    One of the best stainless steel bars in India. I was impressed by the quality of the product i recieved. I had already used the barbell from bullrock but this was much better in quality. Good job Team ATE!

    Aditya Mehta

  2. Amitansh Maheshwari

    I was blown away by the quality of the bar i had recieved. To be honest, i didn’t expect the quality to be this high when i ordered the bar. The shaft is smooth and the knurl crisp. Thanks

    Amitansh Maheshwari