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Curved Treadmill C1 Pro

Curved Treadmill C1 Pro

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 Why Choose the ATE Curved Treadmill C1 Pro?

The ATE Curved Treadmill C1 Pro is designed to enhance your running experience by providing a seamless, smooth run powered solely by your feet. Unlike traditional treadmills, this self-powered curved treadmill offers a wider running area and an exceptionally smooth feel, ideal for enhancing sports performance and replicating the natural sensation of trail running indoors. By prioritizing proper posture and form, this treadmill ensures you get the most out of every workout.

Features and Benefits of the Curved Treadmill C1 Pro

Self-Powered Design

1. Environmental Sustainability: This model operates without an electrical motor, promoting environmental sustainability by relying on your foot movements for speed.

2. Personalized Pace: The belt-driven manual motor adjusts to your foot movements, allowing for a personalized running experience without the need for pre-set speeds.

Superior Running Surface

1. Aluminium Slats: The treadmill deck is constructed with durable aluminumslats that ensure a frictionless glide even at high speeds. This unique feature provides unparalleled smoothness and durability.

2. Extra-Large Running Area: With a wider running surface, the C1 Pro offers more space for a comfortable and safe running experience, perfect for high-intensity workouts.
Curved Treadmill C1 Pro

Authentic Outdoor Experience

1. Impact Absorption: Aluminium slats absorb foot strike upon impact, minimising strain on joints and connective tissues, providing the most authentic running sensation indoors.

2. Frictionless Ball Bearings: Equipped with equal torque ball bearings, the treadmill ensures a consistently smooth ride, enhancing your workout efficiency.

Adjustable Intensity

1. Eight Levels of Resistance: Easily adjust the intensity of your workout with a simple knob, offering eight levels of resistance to tailor your training sessions to your specific needs.

2. Curved Treadmill Incline: The natural incline of the curved treadmill helps engage more muscle groups and burn more calories compared to traditional treadmills.

Enhanced User Experience

1. Multi-Grip Handles: The treadmill features multi-grip handles for versatile positioning, catering to various workout styles and user preferences.
2. User-Friendly Display: Monitor your performance metrics easily with the integrated display, helping you keep track of your progress and stay motivated.
3. Portable Design: Two integrated PA wheels ensure effortless portability, allowing you to move the treadmill as needed.

The Commercial Curved Treadmill for Your Facility

The Curved Treadmill C1 Pro is not just for personal use; it’s an excellent addition to any commercial gym. Its durable build and high-performance features make it suitable for heavy usage, providing users with a superior running experience that promotes better posture, enhanced performance, and efficient calorie burning.

Key Benefits of a Curved Treadmill

Burn More Calories: The curved design naturally increases the intensity of your workouts, leading to higher calorie burn compared to flat treadmills.

Improve Running Form: By promoting proper posture and foot strike, curved treadmills help improve running form and reduce the risk of injuries.

Enhanced Muscle Engagement: The incline of the curved treadmill engages more muscle groups, providing a comprehensive workout that benefits the entire body.

Experience the future of running with the ATE Curved Treadmill C1 Pro. Whether you’re looking to improve your sports performance, replicate the sensation of outdoor running, or provide a high-quality treadmill for your gym, the C1 Pro is the ultimate choice. Discover the benefits of curved treadmills and transform your running routine today.


Console & Metrics

Large LCD screen displays with 4 target settings




0-8 level intensity control

Running Area



Two integrated PA wheels for
smooth transportation.

Max User Weight


Water Bottle Holder


No Power Required

Unlimited Speed



Net Weight


Assembly Size (LxWxH)



2 Years

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