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Olympic Barbell Weightlifting Arctic Camo Bar 20kg (Cerakote Camo)

Olympic Barbell Weightlifting Arctic Camo Bar 20kg (Cerakote Camo)

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After spending long hours talking to our passionate customers, we have a camo bar 20kg that will catch the attention of anyone who lays eyes on it. Gone are the days where a gym/personal studio only had those boring silver/solid color bars.

Presenting the ATE Arctic Camo Bar 20kg with a beautiful Cerakote Camo Shaft finish which is unique and an attention grabber in any fitness box, personal studio, gym, or even a professional weightlifting training center! The 1.2MM diamond knurl never disappoints and the high weight capacity of 1700lbs/770kgs lets you train and lift till you break your PR's without ever stressing out about breaking our bar!

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It comprises of the ATE unique ball bearing system with 6 HK Ball Bearings for smooth rotation while lifting. This bar is our incredible deal for CrossFit boxes, Conventional gyms and Olympic weightlifting gyms.

  • Cerakote Camo Finish
  • Hard Chrome Sleeves
  • Strength rating at 190,000 PSI
  • Weight - 20 kg
  • Grip - 28 mm
  • Sleeve diameter - 50mm
  • Length - 2.20 meters
  • 1.2mm Diamond Knurl
  • Dual International Weightlifting + Powerlifting Knurl Mark
  • 6 HK Needle Bearings
  • Moderate Whip

*Tested using ATE Competition Colored Plates with the ATE Weightlifting Training Platform as the testing surface. Warranty only applicable if used with authentic ATE products.

1. Increased Strength & Finishing: The ATE Arctic Camo Bar 20KG has a Cerakote shaft with a beautiful camo finish and Hard Chrome sleeves. The ATE Arctic Camo Bar 20KG is 2200mm long, with a 28mm shaft diameter, moderate whip, and snap ring construction. It has a 190K PSI Tensile Strength rating and a Max Load of 1700 LBS!

2. Camo Cerakote Shaft : The ATE Arctic Camo Bar 20kg comes with a beautiful and durable arctic camo finish, a first in India. The camo design looks beautiful and is as durable as standard hard chrome and does not decrease the life of the bar in any form. The camo design gives the bar a unique and aesthetically pleasing appeal, adding that tough appeal to your gym/fitness center!

3. Standard Olympic Knurling: The 1.2 mm diamond knurl is a standard knurl and allows for a comfortable grip. The knurling is not so harsh so as to hurt your hands. The bar has Dual International Weightlifting and Powerlifting knurl mark, without center knurl to help you perform a stable heavy back squat and smooth weightlifting clean and jerk motions.

4. Superior quality Bearings: The ATE Arctic Camo Bar 20kg has an amazing spin with 6 HK needle bearings (3 per sleeve) and 2 bronze bushings, making it suitable for Olympic exercises like snatch, clean, and jerk motions, deadlifts, squats, and bench press. Bearings are made with high-quality needle rollers that rotate inside the sleeve for a smooth spin.

5. Warranty Information: The ATE Arctic Camo Bar 20kg comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and a lifetime warranty against bending.

NOTE: The ceramic coating provides a near to perfect rust resistance, i.e. hassle-free towards maintenance & comes with an aesthetic matt look, people love it. The only disadvantage is that it can be scratched with any harsh metal to metal contact (while racking the bar on bare J-cups), but if you are using UHMW / rubberized J-cups then the bar finish can last for years.
Using cheap cast iron plates on the ceramic sleeve can chip off the coat too.

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