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Olympic Weightlifting Technique Barbell 10kg (Kid's)

Olympic Weightlifting Technique Barbell 10kg (Kid's)

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ATE technique weightlifting barbell is ideal for beginners. Sturdy Nylon bushings and the bar's design allow sleeves to rotate freely giving the feeling of lifting with an ATE Olympic Weightlifting Bar. This enables a smooth transition and appropriate progressions to heavier standard weightlifting bars. Sleeves are made of anodised aluminium.

  • Weight - 10 kg
  • Grip - 25 mm
  • Sleeve diameter - 49.8mm
  • Length - 2200mm
  • Single International Weightlifting Knurl Mark
  • 1.0mm Mild Knurl
  • 4 Nylon Bushings
  • Low Whip

The ATE Olympic Weightlifting Technique Bar is built to IWF regulations and has a low starting weight and less harsh knurling, making it an ideal tool to learn, train, and perfect technique. It mimics the feel of a conventional ATE bar and allows for a smooth transition to a heavier standard weightlifting bar. This bar is ideal for youngsters and people who are learning to lift, as well as those who want to practise technique. Working on technique helps lifters improve their form so they may advance, increase lifts, and create new personal bests in a safe and effective manner.

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