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Mamba Independent Squat Stand

Mamba Independent Squat Stand

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The Mamba Independent Squat Stand is meticulously designed to meet the demands of dedicated lifters seeking to optimize space without compromising on workout effectiveness. With a compact footprint of 21” x 26” for each base, this squat stand ensures minimal equipment intrusion while allowing for seamless gains. Its user-friendly design facilitates easy movement by a single person when not in use.

Standing at a total height of 72”, the uprights feature 2” spacing laser-cut holes strategically positioned for benching, cleaning, and squatting exercises. The 3” x 3” 11-gauge CR Steel tubes are securely bolted together using 8mm reinforced triangular plates and 16mm hardware, ensuring a robust and durable construction.

The Mamba Independent Squat Stand's smaller footprint and low-profile design have long been favoured by Olympic weightlifters. Now, it has gained popularity among home gym enthusiasts and weight training facilities alike, thanks to its efficient use of space.

For those in search of space-saving, portable, stable, and budget-friendly squat stands, the Mamba Independent Squat Stand stands out as a compelling choice.

1. Sturdy Build: Eliminate concerns about tipping or maximum load capacity with our Mamba Independent Squat Stand. Crafted from robust 3” x 3” 11-gauge CR steel pipes (3mm thick) and reinforced with 8mm thick triangle plates, securely bolted together using 16mm hardware, this stand is exceptionally durable and capable of handling a static load of 400kg. Its resilience is further enhanced by a 7-tank powder coating applied throughout the uprights and base cross-members, ensuring durability and protection against wear.

2. Precision Engineering: The Mamba Independent Squat Stand features precision laser-cut holes spaced at 2” intervals, along with numbered markings on the uprights. This meticulous design facilitates easy attachment placement, allowing you to find the optimal spot effortlessly.

3. Barbell Protection: The J-Cups on this stand are equipped with three-side UHMW plastic padding, safeguarding your barbell's finish from scratches and wear. Similar to the Advanced J-Cups, these also consist of 12mm thick steel with 5mm UHMW padding on three sides, omitting the UHMW at the back where it clasps onto the uprights.

4. Enhanced Stability: The stand's base feet come with anti-slip rubber end caps, ensuring the stand stays securely in place while enhancing overall stability. Additionally, these rubber caps protect your floor from potential scratches and dents, making it an ideal choice for your workout space.

5. Gear Specifications:

Material 3” x 3″ 11-gauge (3mm) CR Steel | UHMW Plastic
Single Unit’s Product Dimensions Length – 26”, Width – 21”, Height – 72”
Single Unit’s Footprint 26.5″ x 21.5″
Max Load Capacity 400kg Static Load
Finish (Coating) 7-Tank Powder Coated
Product Weight 64kg
Hole Pattern 2″ throughout
Fasteners M16mm Bright Chrome Hardware
Warranty 5-year Structural Warranty
Included Components 2 Uprights of 70″, 2 H-Base, 1 pair J-Cup, 4 Reinforced Triangular Plates, 12 M16 x 90mm Bolt kit, 2 Spanners (24mm) & 8 Rubber End Caps.
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