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Rhino Power Rack V3 | 41" Depth | 6-Post

Rhino Power Rack V3 | 41" Depth | 6-Post

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Introducing our Rhino 6-Post Power Rack V3, an enhanced iteration of our acclaimed 4-Post Rhino Power Rack V2. Engineered with two additional uprights and four cross-members for superior stability, this powerhouse is indispensable for any dedicated lifting facility. 

With its expanded design, the 6-Post configuration optimizes space, offering convenient plate storage and extensive compatibility with various attachments. Thanks to its robust geometry, this power rack effortlessly accommodates your heaviest lifts without requiring floor bolting.

The rear extension of the 4-Post rack boosts depth, enhancing its strength and durability. Additionally, it boasts exceptional storage capacity, accommodating up to 8 weight horns with options ranging from 13” to 6” in length.

For those seeking a lifetime investment in a Power Rack with unparalleled attachment versatility, the 6-Post rack is the ultimate choice. Explore its features, deeply rooted in the Rhino Family DNA, detailed below.

Not-Just-A-Rack, It is an Epitome of Lifting! 

Last's a lifetime! 

Our Commercial Grade Racks undergo rigorous drop testing, surpassing weights that exceed the capabilities of most individuals for squatting. Crafted from thick steel and meticulously engineered with precise laser-cut processing, these racks offer unparalleled durability and reliability.

1. Durable Construction: Crafted from robust 3x3" 11-gauge CR steel (3mm thick) tubing, the 6-Post Rhino Power Rack V3 boasts a sturdy design with 6 post uprights, 8 cross-members, and a bolt-together structure. This cage structure ensures exceptional toughness, while a 7-tank powder coating process adds durability and protection against wear.

2. Enhanced J-Cups: The power rack comes equipped with 12mm thick steel-made J-Cups and 12mm thick steel made Spotter Arms, capable of handling maximum lifting weights. The J-Cups and Spotter Arms feature a 5mm thick UHMW plastic liner on all sides (back and clasp), safeguarding your bar's knurl and finish, as well as preventing scratches on the uprights of your rack.

3. Precision Laser-Cut Holes & Westside Hole Spacing: The Uprights of the Rack feature precision laser-cut Westside hole spacing. This allows for optimal placement of safety attachments, enhancing benching comfort by providing maximum height adjustability. Additionally, the squat area with 2" spacing lets you choose the most suitable height for squats without the need to jump to rack the bar.

4. Versatile Features: In the Rhino Power Rack V3 6-Post, the bottom of the uprights offers a Ground Bolting Option, ensuring added stability. The rack is upgradeable, featuring numerous laser-cut holes that allow for the addition of various attachments according to your workout needs, such as parallel bar dip, lat/low row, safety straps, multi-grip pull-up bars, and plate storage.

5. Comprehensive Upgrade Options: Team ATE plans to release a range of attachments gradually, providing users with ample options to enhance the rack's functionality. Future attachments may include Iso-Jammer Arm's, parallel bar dip handles, lat/low row attachments, safety straps, multi-grip pull-up bars, and more.

6. Inclusive Pull-Up Bar: The Rhino Power Rack V3 6-Post comes complete with 2 x 32mm Pull-up bar, enabling a variety of exercises such as pull-ups and muscle-ups.

A Growing Rhino! 

Just like the iconic LEGO block toys, our Rhino Racks are modular in design, featuring many shared parts across different rack models. This modular construction allows for easy upgrades as your needs evolve and your facility expands.

For Example:

1) You can purchase the ATE Rhino Power Rack V3 4 Post now, and get 6 post extension kit later   

2) You can have the ATE Rhino Squat Stand V3 now, and get a half rack extension kit later

And of course, attachments can be added as you need it.

Various Colour Options! 

  • Rhino Racks Common Specifications:

Dimensions (Tube)

3” x 3”mm 11-gauge (3mm thick) CR Steel Tube

Dimensions (Support Plates)

8mm thick


16mm Bright Zinc

J-cups and Spotter Arms

All Side UHMW Protection

Front Hole Spacing


Side Hole Spacing

6″ throughout

Laser-cut Numbers and Holes


Crossmember Support

24″ / 41″ / 68″ (Depending on model)

Pull-up Bar



7 – Tank Powder Coating


10 Year Structural

  • Rhino Power Rack V3 | 41" Depth | 6-Post Specifications:

Dimensions (L)


Dimensions (W)


Dimensions (H)


Clear Depth

41″ + 24″

Footprint (incl. base feet)

77″ X 51″

Max Load Capacity

454 kg Dynamic load

Approx. Net Weight of Rack

197kg (excluding attachments)

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