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Rhino Squat Stand V2

Rhino Squat Stand V2

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The ATE Rhino Squat Stand V2 is an excellent and cost-effective addition to your home or commercial gym, serving as a versatile rack for squats, presses, and pull-ups. Now equipped with laser-cut numbers, this commercial-grade squat stand has a dynamic load rating of 300kg. It includes two advanced J-Cups, a 32mm grip diameter pull-up bar, and laser-cut holes on the entire rack for extension attachments.

Similar to the Rhino Power Rack V2, this Squat Stand adopts westside hole spacing with 2" hole intervals throughout the upright. The 2" spacing in the squat area allows you to easily select the most suitable height for squatting without the need to jump when racking the bar. This feature enhances convenience and safety during your workouts.

*Ships without the barbell and weights.

  • Durable Build: The Rhino Squat Stand V2 boasts robust construction, crafted from 3×3″ 11-gauge CR steel (3mm thick) and fortified with 8mm thick reinforced triangle plates. These plates, used to attach the uprights to the base, significantly enhance stability, resulting in a remarkably sturdy unit. The stand is further protected with a 7-tank black powder coating process, ensuring durability and resistance against wear.
  • Precision Holes & Optimal Spacing: The precision Laser-cut Westside hole spacing on the uprights of this Squat Stand allows you to find the ideal spot for safety attachments, maximising height adjustability and enhancing benching comfort. Additionally, the squat area features 2″ spacing, allowing you to select the most suitable height for squatting without the need to jump when racking the bar.
  • Advanced J-Cups: The Squat Stand is equipped with advanced J-Cups made from 12mm thick HR Steel, capable of handling maximum lifting weights. These J-Cups feature 5mm thick UHMW plastic inserts on all sides (back and clasp), safeguarding your bar's knurl and finish, as well as preventing scratches on the uprights of your rack.
  • Stability with Anti-Slip Rubber Base Feet: The inclusion of rubber end caps enhances the stability of the squat stand while protecting your floor from potential scratches and dents. These anti-slip rubber base feet function to keep the stand securely in place during your workouts.

    Pro Tip: For added safety during solo workouts, it is recommended to use Spotter Arms. These accessories provide crucial spotting assistance, ensuring your safety during exercises when exercising alone in your gym.
  • Gear Specifications:
Material 3”x3″ 11-gauge (3mm) CR Steel | UHMW Plastic
Dimensions Length – 48”, Width – 48”, Height – 92”
Footprint (incl. base feet) 48” x 48”
Max Load Capacity 300kg dynamic load | 450kg Static Load
Finish (Coating) 7-Tank Black Powder Coated
Product Weight 105kg
Attachments Compatibility 16mm
Fasteners M16 Bright Zinc hardware
Warranty 5-year Structural Warranty
Make Made in India

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