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Straight Bar 4ft (Black Oxide/Chrome)

Straight Bar 4ft (Black Oxide/Chrome)

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Are you passionate about sculpting your arms with the classic straight curl bar? Then ATE Straight Bar 4ft is tailor-made for you. This specialised bar is meticulously crafted to target and isolate the biceps, triceps, and forearm muscles, helping you achieve your desired arm strength and definition. Whether you're aiming to build mass or tone your muscles, this bar provides the ideal tool to enhance your arm training regimen.

It comprises of the ATE unique ball bearing system with 2 Needle Ball Bearings for smooth rotation while lifting. This bar is our incredible deal for CrossFit boxes, Conventional gyms and Olympic weightlifting gyms.

    • Black Oxide Finish
    • Strength rating at 45,000 PSI
    • Weight - 10 kg
    • Grip - 28 mm
    • Sleeve diameter - 50mm
    • Length - 1.20 meters
    • 1.2mm Diamond Knurl
    • 2 Needle Bearings

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1. Increased Strength & Finishing: The Black Oxide coating on the shaft and Hard Chrome on sleeves offer protection against oxidation and wear. This bar weighs 10KG, measures 1200mm in length, features a 28mm shaft diameter, is constructed of alloy steel with snap ring assembly, boasts a tensile strength rating of 45K PSI, and supports a maximum load of 300lbs, making it perfectly suited for use as a curl bar.

2. Standard Olympic Knurling : The ATE Straight Bar 4ft, with its 1.2 mm diamond pattern, provides a comfortable and effortless grip.

3. Superior quality Bearings: The ATE Straight Bar 4ft is equipped with two needle bearings and two bronze bushings, ensuring minimal yet smooth rotation.

4. Warranty Information: The ATE Straight Bar 4ft is ideal for accessory exercises like bicep curls, close grip curls, reverse curls, and triceps extensions, among others. Its sectional knurled handles enhance grip, comfort, and safety during close grip and wide grip exercises. The ATE Straight Bar 4ft is backed by a 1-year warranty covering manufacturing defects.

5. Specifications:

Bar Type Speciality Bar
Bar Weight 10 Kg
Shaft Diameter 28mm
Knurl Type 1.2mm Standard Knurl
Center Knurl No
Whip No
Bar Length 1200mm
Loadable Sleeve Length 170mm
Shaft Coating Black Oxide
Sleeve Coating Hard Chrome
Bearing/Bushing 2 Needle Bearings + 2 Bronze Bushings
Tensile Strength 45,000 PSI
Max Load 300 Lbs. / 135 kgs

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