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Calibrated Powerlifting Plates

Calibrated Powerlifting Plates

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Introducing ATE Calibrated Powerlifting Plates: The Ultimate Choice for Serious Powerlifters

ATE Calibrated Powerlifting Plates are the pinnacle of quality, durability, and aesthetics for dedicated powerlifters seeking calibrated steel plates that won't break the bank. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these high-quality cast-iron plates are machine calibrated to ensure precision and offer a weight tolerance of +/- 5 to 45 grams, as indicated in the chart.

Designed with performance in mind, each plate is cut thin to maximise the surface area on the bar, allowing you to load an impressive maximum weight of up to 800 kgs on the ATE Powerlifting Barbell 20kg (IPF Specs). Whether you're aiming to set new personal records or compete at the highest level, the ATE Calibrated Powerlifting Plates provide the reliability and strength you need.

To enhance longevity, the plates are finished with a durable matte powder coat. This finish not only increases their resistance to wear and tear but also adds an attractive aesthetic appeal to your lifting setup. The plates feature bold and aesthetically pleasing lettering in compliance with powerlifting Olympic standards and the colour code enables you to quickly identify the weights ranging from 0.5kg to 25kg.

For those pursuing a meticulous strength progression plan, our fractional plates allow you to make the smallest weight increments necessary. This precision ensures you can consistently challenge yourself and continue making progress towards your goals.

ATE Powerlifting Plates are designed with practicality in mind. The plates boast a 50.4mm center hole, ensuring a snug fit on your barbell. This tight fit eliminates unnecessary movement and enhances stability during liftsenabling you to maintain optimal form and maximize your performance. Additionally, the plates feature a lipped circumference that provides a secure grip for safe and easy disc handling, loading, and unloading.

At ATE, we are committed to providing powerlifters with the highest quality equipment at an affordable price. Our Powerlift Plates are engineered to meet the demands of serious lifters while also offering an exceptional value proposition. With our focus on durability, precision, and aesthetics, the ATE Powerlifting Plates are the ideal choice for those who want to take their lifting to the next level.

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Invest in the ATE Powerlifting Plates today and experience the perfect blend of performance, durability, and affordability. Elevate your powerlifting game and achieve new heights of strength and success.

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  • Thin profile: The ATE Calibrated Powerlifting Plates have a thin profile, e.g. the 25kg plate is 25mm thick, which means the number of plates that can be loaded on the bar is increased. This significantly increases the amount of weight that can be loaded on the barbell and helps you in your 1RM lifts.
ATE Powerlifting Plates

    • Improved Finish: The ATE Calibrated Powerlifting Plates now comes with matte finish powder coat which provides a perfect look and finish which is highly durable. As a result, the ATE Calibrated Powerlifting Plates look great in person and on camera. The great looks of the ATE Calibrated Powerlifting Plates give your Commercial Gym, Home Gym, Crossfit Centre, a premium appeal.

    • Calibration: The ATE Calibrated Powerlifting Plates are are calibrated to IPF specifications. The tolerance ranges from +- 5grams to 45grams. This small calibration gap ensures stable lifts as a difference of 250g can mean the difference between a gold or a silver medal for a professional powerlifter.

    • Raised side flanges: The raised side flanges are designed to keep the centre from coming into direct contact with the ground. The ATE Calibrated Powerlifting Plates only come into contact with each other on the outer flanges when loaded on the barbell or on the ATE plate stand which helps in reducing wear and tear and helping to protect the plate's lettering.

    • Snug collar opening: The ATE Calibrated Powerlifting Plates now have a collar opening that is CNC-machined to precise bore of 50.4mm in the centre. This provides a snug fit onto the barbell sleeves reducing wiggling during your lifts.

    • Warranty Information: The ATE Calibrated Powerlifting Plates are covered by a 36-month limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not include wear and tear.

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