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Air Ski Max 1

Air Ski Max 1

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The ATE Air Ski Max 1 stands out as a compact and efficient exercise tool, replicating skiing motions for a robust strength and endurance workout. Ideal for individuals of diverse sizes and skill levels, this Ski exercise machine employs both double pole and alternating arm techniques to engage the legs, arms, and core, ensuring a holistic full-body fitness experience. Its stability is reinforced by a secure mounting on a wooden floor deck with a textured PU top, preventing any skidding issues. Elevate your fitness regimen with this versatile and effective skiing simulation, courtesy of the ATE Air Ski Max 1.

The ATE Air Ski Max 1 ensures seamless pulling movements through the utilization of high-strength yet lightweight drive cords. These cords effortlessly glide over the pulley system while simulating skiing actions. Connected to an ergonomic plastic handle, the design prioritizes a secure grip, accommodating hands of any size. The robust steel construction and support frame contribute to the overall sturdiness of the equipment, ensuring a reliable and durable fitness experience.

Utilizing airflow to create resistance tailored to your pull, the ATE Air Ski Max 1 employs a spiral damper to control the air circulation within the flywheel. This mechanism increases resistance proportionally as more air flows in, providing a dynamic and challenging workout. Featuring 10 adjustable resistance settings, this design ensures a smooth and customizable experience as you engage in pulling movements.

It is easily portable via caster wheels and can be stored compactly. It also has Bluetooth connectivity.


The air ski machine design is now patent-free. The ATE Air Ski Max 1 does not come with the batteries. You need to get AA batteries to get the air ski working. The change in resistance at each level is minimal due to the airflow factor.

Ease of Use

The ATE Air Ski Max 1 is compact and ideal for indoor use, taking a footprint of just 1200mm x 2140mm x 620mm.

Air Ski Max 1

There are 10 adjustable settings for resistance and an adjustable display monitor to track your metrics.


With 2 million cycles tested, it is suitable for the most rigorous use over an extended period of time. 

Key Features

    • The Ski machine Mounted on a wooden floor deck with textured PU top
      Air Ski Max 1
    • High-strength Lightweight Drive Cords for smooth pulling
      Air Ski Max 1
    • Ergonomic Handles for a secure grip

    • Spiral Damper and Flywheel for generating air resistance
    • 10 adjustable resistance settings
    • Bluetooth Connectivity
      Air Ski Max 1


Total Length 1270mm
Upper Width 634mm
Lower Width 620mm
Total Height 2140mm
Drive Cords High Strength yet Lightweight for smooth movement
Flywheel and Damper Resistance generated by Fanned Flywheel & Spiral Damper with 10 adjustable settings
Display Yes
Display Power Requirement Operates on D cell battery pair powered by spinning flywheel during indoor use
Handles Strapless and requires no adjustment
Frame Construction Material Steel
Finish Black Powder Coat
Storage Floor Stand
Foot Print 1270x620mm
Net Weight 48.7kg
Max User Weight 300kg
Warranty 1 year
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