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Cheetah FID Adjustable Bench

Cheetah FID Adjustable Bench

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Considering that your bench needs to withstand not only your body weight but also the weight of the equipment you're lifting, the Cheetah bench is a top-tier commercial-grade bench with an impressive 950lbs weight capacity.

What sets the Cheetah bench apart is its exceptional stability. Unlike many FID benches that commonly face the issue of wobbling, our Cheetah FID Adjustable Bench is meticulously designed and constructed with heavy-duty materials to eliminate any wobble. This design and robust material usage distinguish it from the rest of the benches in the market.

1. Robust Build & Unwavering Stability: Elevate your workout experience with the ATE Cheetah FID Adjustable Bench, crafted for enduring strength and stability. This commercial-grade bench boasts a sturdy construction featuring thick CR Steel and heavy-duty materials, including Nylon wheels, and plush foam padding. Its resilience is evident with a remarkable 950lbs weight capacity, whether in a flat or adjusted position.

2. Enhanced Decline Comfort: The generously sized seat pad enhances comfort during decline presses, offering optimal thigh support.

3. Effortless Mobility: The ATE Cheetah Adjustable Gym Bench incorporates heavy-duty nylon wheels, ensuring easy displacement and stress-free portability while maintaining durability under heavy loads.

4. Versatile Adjustability: With a total of 40 possible seat adjustments, including 10 back pad adjustments and 4 seat pad adjustments, the FID bench stands out as a versatile workout companion. The inclusion of a robust handle for seat pad adjustment ensures a smooth and secure customization of settings.

5. Premium Padding: Experience the ultimate comfort and stability with the high-density foam and commercial-grade Rexine padding on the ATE Cheetah FID Adjustable Gym Bench. The 2.5” thick Padding ensures optimal support for both the backrest and seating areas.

6. Effortless Assembly: Say goodbye to assembly concerns. The ATE Cheetah FID Adjustable Bench arrives pre-assembled in a 7-Ply carton, requiring only a simple 2-bolt fitting for foot catch assembly. We've even provided the spanner needed for added convenience. Get ready for a hassle-free and sturdy workout with ATE Cheetah FID Adjustable Bench.

7. Gear Specifications:

Material CR Steel | High-density Foam | Plywood
Height 450mm
Weight 35kg
Weight Capacity 950lbs rated
Footprint 1230mm x 750mm
Warranty 1-year on Pads and 4-year structural

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