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Drop Bags with Center Platform

Drop Bags with Center Platform

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The ATE Drop Bags are designed to make it easier for home and commercial gym owners to execute overhead dropping without causing any noise disruption to their family or neighbors. Anti-Rip casing guarantees your floor protection (particularly when home gym training) while supplementary prolongs the life of your equipment like the barbell, plates, and dumbbells during heavyweight droppings with a heavy-duty bonded foam cased with tear & ripping resistant fabric. The ATE Drop Bags are a cost-effective and compact alternative to ATE platforms.


1. Wooden Deck: This wooden deck is composed of the same Birch plywood as our Training and Basic Weightlifting Platforms, which has water-resistant characteristics and has been treated through the WBP test to ensure that the plywood does not delaminate. In addition, a PU coat is put to the deck's surface, which extends its life.

2. Maintains a levelled surface - The height of the ATE's drop bag is 6 inches, while the height of this Wooden deck is 5.50 inches, thus the discrepancy may be levelled when the loaded bar is placed on the drop pads, where the drop pad sinks and the Wooden Deck creates an even surface.

ATE Crossfit Drop Bags
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