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Vertical Plate Tree

Vertical Plate Tree

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Organise Your Space with the ATE Vertical Plate Tree!

Struggling with messy plates around?

The ATE Vertical Plate Tree offers a compact, efficient, and comfortable storage solution for all your Olympic weight plates. Featuring six 12″ long storage posts, it provides a 72″ plate loading capacity. This vertical plate tree stands out with its unique 3-tier design, compatible with IWF specified Olympic bumper plates of 2″ center diameter and 450mm plate diameter. Keep your gym organized and maximize your space with ATE Vertical Plate Tree.

Strong Construction and Space-Saving Design with ATE Vertical Plate Tree

  • Strong Construction: The ATE Vertical Plate Tree is built with a robust 60×40(mm) pipe made from 11-gauge, 3mm thick steel, and coated with a 7-tank black powder coating process. This makes it incredibly strong, sturdy, and durable. Reinforced triangle plates attach the posts to the base, enhancing stability and ensuring a stable unit.

  • Space-Saving: Designed to save valuable floor space, the ATE Vertical Plate Tree occupies just a 28″ x 24″ footprint while supporting over 600kg of weight plates (loaded with 20kg Powerlifting Plates).

  • 3 Tiers Compatible with Olympic Plates: Unlike many 3-tier plate trees that are limited to specific plate sizes, the ATE Vertical Plate Tree accommodates Olympic standard plates of 450mm diameter on all three tiers. This versatility allows for loading Olympic standard plates and general weight plates on each tier, maximising storage efficiency.

Specifications -


60×40(mm) 11 Gauge Steel


Length – 28″, Width – 24″, Height – 52.7″

Plate Loadable Post Length


Finish (Coating)

7 Tank Powder Coated

Product Weight



2-year Structural Warranty


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